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dannymccarthy sound artDanny Mc Carthy

"the sounds I tend to use have a universality and the work should work in any culture. Space influences my work hugely and I really enjoy working with space as a medium. I tend to let the space form the work rather that trying to impose the work in the space. When I am traveling, I tend to travel very light and let the work happen from what I find or can purchase cheaply on site."

"But I am passionately in love with art; my life is art every waking moment. As regards sound art, the most important aspect of that is without doubt my 'listening practice' and the ability to listen. I have given numerous listening workshops to people from literally eight to eighty and I am always fascinated by people's reactions when they start to listen deeply." Circa Art Magazine

Found Sound (Lost at Sea) 11.1.11

2011 Danny McCarthy Found Sound - Lost at Sea - CrawfordFound Sound (Lost at Sea) 11.1.11

“Found Sound (Lost At Sea) 11.1.11” is the title of a sound installation by the artist Danny Mc Carthy and has been contracted by the Crawford Gallery to sound on  11th Jan each year for the next five years.

The work was created as a result of the artist’s interest in acoustic ecology and will commemorate the loss of the sound of the foghorn from Irish Lighthouses and the Irish coast on the 11th Jan 2011 on which date they ceased to sound.


Strange Attractor - 2011

2011 Danny McCarthy - A Personal Narrative (of sorts)

Strange Attractor: A set of states of a dynamic and chaotic physical system toward which it tends to evolve, regardless of its starting conditions

Full colour Book and DVD about the Strange Attractor project at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork from October 2010 until May 2011.

Featuring images from the live performances and gallery installations alongside specially commissioned essays by David Toop, Stephen Vitiello, Claire Healy, Steve Roden, Jed Speare and Bernard Clarke.

The DVD includes a project documentary by Maciek Klich, over 70 mins of audio taken from the live performances with guest artists David Toop, Stephen Vitiello, Alessandro Bosetti, Jed Speare and Steve Roden.

The Wire September 2011 by Daniel Spicer

Global Ear A survey of sounds from around the planet

Ireland might be unbdergoing a period of painful economic adjustment, but its second city Cork is experiencing a golden age of sound art. By Daniel Spicer, The Wire. Click here for pdf



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