Strange Attractor - 2011

2011 Danny McCarthy - A Personal Narrative (of sorts)

Strange Attractor: A set of states of a dynamic and chaotic physical system toward which it tends to evolve, regardless of its starting conditions

Full colour Book and DVD about the Strange Attractor project at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork from October 2010 until May 2011.

Featuring images from the live performances and gallery installations alongside specially commissioned essays by David Toop, Stephen Vitiello, Claire Healy, Steve Roden, Jed Speare and Bernard Clarke.

The DVD includes a project documentary by Maciek Klich, over 70 mins of audio taken from the live performances with guest artists David Toop, Stephen Vitiello, Alessandro Bosetti, Jed Speare and Steve Roden.

Additional dvd content includes in-depth photo galleries covering various aspects of the live performances and gallery installations.


"Having successfully articulated tangible cross-disciplinary relationships between sound, visual art, music, choreography and audiences in Cork, their individual and collective passion happily continues to reverberate locally, nationally and internationally. Reminding one of the endless possibilities, given a little time and space, that can enhance our relationship with the changing environments we inhabit by just listening."
Dawn Williams, Curator, The Crawford Art Gallery



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