Found Sound (Lost at Sea) 11.1.11

2011 Danny McCarthy Found Sound - Lost at Sea - CrawfordFound Sound (Lost at Sea) 11.1.11

“Found Sound (Lost At Sea) 11.1.11” is the title of a sound installation by the artist Danny Mc Carthy and has been contracted by the Crawford Gallery to sound on  11th Jan each year for the next five years.

The work was created as a result of the artist’s interest in acoustic ecology and will commemorate the loss of the sound of the foghorn from Irish Lighthouses and the Irish coast on the 11th Jan 2011 on which date they ceased to sound.



The installation consists of the sound of a foghorn which will sound intermittently throughout the city centre for the day. The work was originally presented as part of Strange Attractor exhibition/residency in the Crawford Gallery in April last year.

"There is local flavor and relevance to Cork, the river, coast and ocean in the Sound(Lost at Sea) 11.1.11 foghorn, not actually in the gallery but mounted outside on the museum facade, referring to its horn that ceased to sound off the coast of Ireland that day, replaced by more modern technology. During Strange Attractor it sounded daily and henceforth will continue to sound on January 11th every year. Rescuing sound before it is entirely lost and saving a sound from disappearing requires profoundly simple gestures like this, if one possesses the consciousness to recognize their urgency and the importance of preservation."
Strange Attractor, Jed Speare, 2011.)



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